Be Here Now – Top Ten


  1. Stay focused – Say: “Here. Now”.
  1. Notice the push or pull of opponent’s comments. Remain centered. Smile ๐Ÿ™‚
  1. Allow your mind and body to note insults and criticisms; let them flow beside you. Move your body like a ninja and watch the negative thoughts move past.
  1. You cannot control anyone’s behavior but your own. Control your breath. Keep calm, breathe in and out, slow it down. Do this until you are centered. It’s a gift!
  1. Say kind things to yourself: “I have been through tough times and I can handle this too.” Repeat, “this too.” Smile ๐Ÿ™‚ Your smile will disarm both you and others ๐Ÿ™‚
  1. Say to yourself, “I am a good person, I am a good mother/father”. Believe it!
  1. Everyone, everyone makes mistakes. It is part of being a human being.ย Say, “I am doing the best I can under these present circumstances.”
  1. Respond. Do not RE-act. Be curious, say “Can you please repeat that?”ย Repeat what they say, give yourself time to construct a mindful response.
  1. Negative self-talk is not useful; it is a waste of your precious time. Be kind, say to yourself:”I am working on it”. Don’t be rushed. Don’t rush yourself.ย  Breathe.
  1. Don’t judge yourself. You are a product of your DNA, culture and history. And you can still do something different and/or act differently, each new day. Each day is a new day to do something different. Start by loving yourself, being kind to you, so you can be loving towards what you value, your children, family, friends, and career.


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