Bootcamp #1 – The Power of Presence

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eNinja – Session 1 

The Power of Presence

Starting Where You Are

Here and Now

Where would you like to be in 2, 5, 10 years?

eNinja tools: Notebook, writing utensil, and device to listen to audio and YouTube files.

Listen here: 

eN-exercise 1: Name the Force and Find Your Ground

Find a quiet space where you know you will not be interrupted for at least 30 minutes. Sit in a comfortable chair that supports your body and allows your toes to touch the floor.  Click on this audio file:

Be curious about beginning this eNinja Boot Camp. Be willing to name one of the many things that gets in your way. What stops you in your tracks? What keeps you from moving forward?  Examples: chronic pain/illness, discouraged over job, career, family, children, partner or, ex.  Visualize it as a FORCE that stops you from moving forward.

Whenever I say find your ground, I am asking you to be mindfully present, here in this moment with your feet on the ground. Say, ‘Here-Now’, breath in and out, in and out, in and out, 3 times (or more if your mind cannot focus on being Here-Now).  Eyes closed or open, imagine that you are standing solidly on steady ground, in preparation for a significant gust of wind = FORCE.

In this first experiential exercise, you are learning to face any FORCE, taking a stand, right here and right now.  Push your feet into the ground as you say these words, “Here-Now, I am standing my ground”.  Repeat this eN-exercise each day.  I do this whenever I am standing in line, waiting.  I say to myself “Breathe, I am Here-Now”.

For those of you who have been in my office, you have seen me plant my feet firmly on the ground. To face whatever is coming, we need to be agile, flexible enough to allow any FORCE to move past us.  Imagine rotating your body so that your feet maintain their position, standing your ground.  Next, imagine allowing whatever FORCE is coming at you to move on through. Say this out loud, “Let this pass by”. You may have the sensation, having the thought that you “should” face or fight back but for this exercise eNinjas move much like the sail on a sail boat. We move out of the direct wind, tacking our sail to be with rather than against the wind = FORCE.  eNinjas allow the FORCE to move on past. Let this pass by.

eNinja-exercise 2: Taking Stock “The Story of Me”  

Each eNinja assignment will ask you to write about something.  You don’t need to write in complete sentences, instead allow thoughts to move from your mind and drop out onto the page.  No one but You is checking for spelling or grammar  : e

The Story of Me – Part 1.  Begin by writing the thoughts in your head down into your notebook. Start where you want and begin to tell the story of you, your life as you remember, your understanding of it at this moment in your life. Your story will not be complete and you will add to your story as we move through each of the 10 eNinja sessions.

If you notice you are stuck, warm up and write for at least five minutes.  State a few facts about you, write about a memory, describe who you are, or what you did, yesterday or today.

  1. When I was 6, or 8 or 10 my best friend was ________________________________________.
  2. I was born on ______in _____________. My parent’s names are________________________ .
  3. My first kiss was____________________________________________________________________.


Once you have written something about the story of your life, consider the following questions:

  1. By this time in my life I should have accomplished ________________________________.
  2. If __________________ was not a problem, I would do ________________________________.
  3. I am afraid it is too late to _________________________________________________________.
  4. If I could I would___________________________________________________________________.
  5. If this obstacle ___________________________________________ was no longer in my way __________________________would be possible and I would be able to live a life I love.

eNinjas are:

Willing to adjust their sail, to allow all thoughts, positive and negative, to come and go.

Open to experiencing new perspectives with any issues that may arise.

Curious about thoughts and old habits that stop, push or immobilize us.

Able to Imagine what is possible. No one ever realizes love without imagining they could.

eN-extra Credit:  YouTube video on Experiential Avoidance aka Force

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