Bootcamp #2 – What Really Matters?

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Wrap-up to Session 1

Assessing your eNinja progress:

How present are you willing to be?

Some of you are watching from the sidelines.

Some of you are partially engaged.

Others are actively moving towards a life they want to live.

There is quite a lot going on today. Everyday. Not showing up for you is not an option.  Each time you board an airplane you are kindly reminded to put the oxygen mask on yourself first, so you are then able to assist those around you.

Too many of us take care of others at the expense of our own health and wellbeing.  Helping yourself first is not “self-ish”, you are being “self-responsible”. eNinja’s are self-responsible.

“We are incapable of loving another unless we love ourselves, just as we are incapable of teaching our children self-discipline unless we ourselves are self-disciplined.  It is actually impossible to forsake our own spiritual development in favor of someone else’s.  We cannot forsake self-discipline and at the same time be disciplined in our care for another.  We cannot be a source of strength unless we nurture our own strength.  I believe that not only do self-love and love of others go hand in hand but that ultimately they are indistinguishable.” ~ Scott Peck

eN-review Session 1:

In session 1 you “Found your Ground” and began to experience “The Power of Presence”.  To be Here and Now. You named your Force.  The Force can be one thing or it can clarify the various obstacles that get in your way, daily, monthly and so on.

Yes or No – No trying, you either Do or you Do Not.   Are you:

  1. Willing to adjust your sail, allowing all thoughts, positive and negative, to come and to go?

Ex. Sit in a comfortable chair and imagine you are on riding on a roller coaster – watch your thoughts fly by, allowing yourself to feel the wave, ride the wave. With practice you will endure many waves.

  1. Open to experiencing new perspectives with any issues that may arise?

Ex. Say Yes to a new view! Sit on the ground. Climb a ladder. Jump into a swimming pool.  Look for new ways to view your thoughts and emotions.

  1. Curious about thoughts and old habits that stop, push or immobilize you?

Ex. Let go of judgement about how you are doing. Let go of unkind, unhelpful thoughts. Be willing, be genuinely interested in what happens next.

  1. Able to Imagine what is possible? No one ever realizes love without imagining they could.

Ex. I am moving towards what I love, one inch, one foot, one hour, one day at a time.

eBonus handout.  Control of Thoughts and Feelings


eNinja Session 2 – What Really Matters?

eNinja tools: Notebook, writing utensil, and device to listen to audio and YouTube files.

What Really Matters?

Think back to when you were a curious small person; what did you love and feel passionate about? What does a happier you look like?

eN-exercise 3: Imagine an earlier version of you.

Find a quite space. Allow your mind to become quiet.  Our minds can imagine the best and the worst.  In this eN-exercise, please allow yourself to imagine good.  Get grounded, breathe in and out, be Here and Now. Breathe. Eyes open or closed, imagine yourself at 5, or 8, or 11 years of age.  Locate an earlier version of you who imagined they could be, would be, fill in the blank  _____________________________________________________. (ex, Wonder Woman, Iron Man)

I Remember when:

I remember learning to drive my friend’s small kiddy car while attempting to park between the lines.  The goal was to stay within the lines his parents had drawn with caulk diagonally inside their garage.  He and I took turns parking the car, all day long. I remember having the thought that that was the best day of my life.  I was five years old.

Small children, under 10, think concretely.  We imagine our world much like a fairy tale, with great mystery and magic.  Back then we used our crayons and drew picture after picture of our mind’s reality.  Looking back and considering what you thought was possible as a young child is a great way to re-discover what you love.  Before you knew what was possible, before external reality told you the hard truths, what did you believe was important?  These are the seeds of your core values.  Somewhere along the way other people, perhaps well meaning, told you what was Not possible.  So, they or you, watered seeds that shaped you into the living creature that you are now.  If you could go back, would you water the same seeds?  What if you allowed yourself to re-flourish the part of you that got lost in the external world’s rules of musts and shoulds?  How would your life be different?  Who would you be now?

eN-exercise 4: Defining what is Valued. What Matters?

From the list below, choose to answer one or two of the following value defining questions.  Please hold this inquiry with love and kindness and focus in on what you value. Please write a paragraph or two and describe your thoughts about what you value:

  1. As an individual.
  2. As an emotionally connected partner/spouse?
  3. As a parent?
  4. As an adult child?
  5. As a sibling/best friend?
  6. In your career as an employee/boss?

Recall that the “Force” keeps you from living what you love, what you say you value.  When we declare, describing in detail what we value, we then begin “Living our Values”.  We employ the necessary time and effort to living the life we love.

Say this out loud, “Here and Now. I am willing to move towards what I say I value.

==========================> Valued Direction

YOU ARE HERE X   ….seeds + water + sun + kindness => move towards => Values                           

Goals versus Values

A goal is something you obtain.  Something you “Get”.

I got engaged. I got concert tickets. I got into college.

A value is a something you work towards, never achieving, always experiencing living what is of value.  A value is a way of being. For example, I personally value a loving, committed relationship and acknowledge that it is a “work in progress”, each and every day.

Say it out loud. Declare what you value

and then MOVE in that direction!

eNinjas are:

Willing to adjust, adeptly maneuvering around the Force

Open to Experiencing Awkward

Curious about What is Possible

Able to Imagine Good

Extra Credit:  Watch this YouTube 

Change Your Behavior – Change Your Brain

 In a classic research-based TEDx Talk, Dr. Lara Boyd describes how neuroplasticity gives you the power to shape the brain you want. 11/14/15.


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