Bootcamp # 8 – Committed ACTION

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Welcome Back!

Recall the bull’s eye in session 3?

In sessions 1-2 you were tasked with determining what gets in the way of you living the life that you value.  Look back in your notebook and write this value down again.  Next write out what ACTIONs you are taking to have this value, example what daily, weekly, monthly goals help you to maintain your commitment to what you say you Value?

So, for example, if I say I value my health, but smoke a cigarette, drink alcohol to excess, eat a pint, quart of ice cream, I am hitting the outside of my bull’s eye.  Therefore, I am not really committed, am I?

Mary’s Own Example:  My Declared Value: I value my physical health

Committed Actions includes:

  1. When I wake up, I set my intention, saying out loud, ” I value my physical health!”
  2. Exercise 5 days a week.  Yoga and mindfulness each day.
  3. Shop, pre-pare and eat mostly healthy fuel.
  4. Choose to hang with friends who also share this value.

Committed Action is walking your talk.  If you say that you value something, but your actions contradict what you (declared) state as your values, then you are not practicing committed action.

Two things, don’t beat yourself up for not trying harder. Instead sit with what is and ask yourself, kindly, gently, “is this really what I value?”  Your mind will come up with all types of thoughts and explanations to why you want this to be a value …..but…because….

  • It is too hard
  • Too many distractions
  • Not feeling it today, or tomorrow
  • Someone else has more power over my actions than me
  • I didn’t vote for him
  • I did vote for him
  • It’s cold outside
  • It is hot, really hot, outside

When we generate excuses for not being committed, it is time to re-evaluate what we say we what our lives to be about, moving forward.

eN-exercise – 15:  How Committed are My Actions?

Using what you wrote down in eNinja sessions 1 & 2, write down the value you are committed to live, (ex. physical health)

In a sentence or two, Declare what you Value. 

I value __________________ because living this value brings me ____________________.

Without this value my life is ______________________________________________________.

Answer the following questions using:

1 – Not at all, 2 – Somewhat, 3 – Mostly, 4 – Absolutely

This is my Declared Value because:

  1. Someone told me to value my physical health.
  2. I was taught to value this and now I choose to live this value.
  3. In public I actively support this value, but in private I don’t.
  4. I value this because I ought to, or because someone else will like it if I do.
  5. I would not value this if I didn’t get some type of praise and approval for it.
  6. I value this because I would feel ashamed, guilty or anxious if I didn’t.
  7. I value this because I view it as important, whether or not others agree.
  8. This value may have been taught to me by others, now it is my own heartfelt value.
  9. Living this value makes my life better, more meaningful, and more vital.
  10. Because I experience fun and enjoyment when I am engaged in this value.
  11. In the past week, two weeks, month, I have Acted in support of this value.
  12. I am committed to living this value, to consistently take Action towards this value.

So, again, I ask you, “How important is this value to you?” Moving forward, what actions will you take to reflect this living this value?   Use any or all of the following to write out your Commitment to Living What You Say Matters, What you Value.

  • maintain
  • improve
  • reduce

Values Consistent Committed Action: I am committed to supporting my long-term health.

Actions I am willing to take include:

Maintain -Exercise 5 days a week. Yoga and mindfulness meditation each day.

Improve: Eat healthier diet. (a cup of ice cream)

Saying NO to spending time not living this value and saying YES to spend time with friends who also support this value.

Once again, watch Dr. Lara Boyd.  She tells us the secret to Committed Action.  She must be one of us : )

eN-eXercise -16: Once you finish, please take out your notebook and write down:

Three ways my brain will support learning and living a life I love:

  1. Chemical
  2. Structure
  3. Function

eNinja – Homework: Tell me how you prime your brain for Committed Action!




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