Weeds or Flowers

I recently came across this great article that aligns with exactly what it means to be and ENinja. Life isn’t about the avoidance of “the bad”, but how we approach it, deal with it, and move flexibly on to those things we are grateful for. Check it out: E-Ninja Choose your path. Weeds or Flowers

Be Here Now – Top Ten

  Stay focused – Say: “Here. Now”. Notice the push or pull of opponent’s comments. Remain centered. Smile 🙂 Allow your mind and body to note insults and criticisms; let them flow beside you. Move your body like a ninja and watch the negative thoughts move past. You cannot control anyone’s behavior but your own. Read More >

Awkward Till It’s Not

Say it out loud. Inside your head, thoughts can run around with the power of believability. Say it out loud and allow the thoughts to stand outside, in the light of day. Once you say them out loud or write them down, do these seem more or less true? For example. I will never find love again. Read More >

It’s the Relationship

You can be “right” or you can be in a “relationship”. Pick one. I didn’t start out thinking I would someday become a specialist in communication and relationships. Yet somehow that is what my family, friends and clients tell me is the best skill I have to offer: the skill of teaching others to imagine, communicate Read More >

Not Your Parents’ Divorce

Relationship advice during separation and divorce. Have you heard this one? A couple comes into my office and says, “We don’t know what we are doing, please help us”.  They want a divorce, but they don’t want to hire lawyers and spend their life savings. They are afraid and need some advice on how best Read More >

For Warmth

“For Warmth” by Thich Nhat Hanh I hold my face between my hands
no I am not crying I hold my face between my hands 
to keep my loneliness warm
 two hands protecting
 two hands nourishing 
two hands to prevent my soul from leaving me
 in anger Treating Anger with Tenderness
- Mindfulness does not fight anger Read More >

Fusion vs. Defusing

What happens when you allow your thoughts to run your life? Thoughts can take over your behavior, driving you into the corner of “I cannot accept this,” and “this is not right.” Fusion                                                Vs.                                           Defusing                       Fusion: separate, detached, distancing Defusing: willing to consider, Read More >

The song on the radio

What channel are you listening to? As Ninjas in training we need to monitor what channels our thoughts are tuned into and what thoughts our minds are buying into each moment.  Is that channel playing workable thoughts? Or, is it playing thoughts that continue to distract us from the path of walking towards our values, Read More >

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