Wrap Up – eNinja Bootcamp

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eNinjas Act Flexibly to cultivate the practice of Self: responsibilty awareness compassion   We know that life is a struggle, AND We want to do everything within our power to Live a Life We Love Congratulations on completing your mission to become an eNinja! Stay tuned for the next bootcamp, starting in September 2018!   Photo Read More >

Bootcamp # 10 – Resources


Resources True eNinjas never stop learning, practicing, and adapting as they dance on the path towards their desired vital life. This final e-session highlights our power to say “No” and to say “Yes!” I’m nobody, without you…. Buddy! It’s the happy moments along the way That in the end Make it…ok…  Five for Fighting Short story: Read More >

Bootcamp # 9 – GRACE

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GRACE Synonyms: kindness, love, forgiveness, charity, mercifulness eNinjas foster both a “Wise Mind and a Kind Heart”.  We develop the mindful capacity to move reverently, lightly, and with more compassion for self and others. As a mother of three amazing human beings, I have learned most of what I know about “Wise Mind and Kind Read More >

Bootcamp # 8 – Committed ACTION

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Welcome Back! Recall the bull’s eye in session 3? In sessions 1-2 you were tasked with determining what gets in the way of you living the life that you value.  Look back in your notebook and write this value down again.  Next write out what ACTIONs you are taking to have this value, example what Read More >

eNinja Bootcamp!

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Join me for a 10 session – Emotional Ninja Boot Camp.  This is an invitation only event.  You may choose to sit back and observe or participate to your comfort level, receiving feedback for each bi-weekly assignment.

Bootcamp #7 – ACT Accept, Choose, & Take Action

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Wrap up to Session 6 – Questions from eNinja boot camp group: Q 1. I missed the original sign-up. How do I join? A 1. You can start, stop, and start again, anytime.  Move at your own pace. Q 2. How much does eNinja boot camp cost? A 2. Your time and effort.  This is Read More >


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What is an eNinja? About Emotional Ninja A client once suggested that I was teaching her to be an “Emotional Ninja”, and that I should write about my work as a coach. Coaching is different than the work I have done as a Clinical Psychologist.  As a coach I share what I value, my love, Read More >

Bootcamp #1 – The Power of Presence

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ready…set…go! eNinja – Session 1  The Power of Presence Starting Where You Are Here and Now Where would you like to be in 2, 5, 10 years? eNinja tools: Notebook, writing utensil, and device to listen to audio and YouTube files. Listen here:  eN-exercise 1: Name the Force and Find Your Ground Find a quiet Read More >

Bootcamp #2 – What Really Matters?

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Wrap-up to Session 1 Assessing your eNinja progress: How present are you willing to be? Some of you are watching from the sidelines. Some of you are partially engaged. Others are actively moving towards a life they want to live. There is quite a lot going on today. Everyday. Not showing up for you is Read More >

Bootcamp #3 – A Strong Foundation

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Wrap-up to Session 2. Assessing your eNinja progress: Thank you!  I got a bunch of interesting questions.  Here are a few, hopefully, useful answers: No, the car story was meant to be innocent and without meaning to any person over the age of 5 years old. (full disclosure – My first car was a BMW) Read More >

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