Day One

To be human, is to be ..




Who wouldn’t want to hide from that?

Emotional Ninjas look for opportunities to come out of the corner.  If it is true that on average we speak 16000 words (thoughts) per day, just think of the onesthat we keep hidden – especially the ones that drive us into the corner, keeping us trapped in our minds or stuck in our positions.

Stuck in the thought that “I cannot handle this”.

Having that thought – “I cannot handle this” – may or may not be true; after all it is a thought.  One thought.  What if you had another thought?  Or, two? “When was I able to handle this?” – “ When am I able?”

At some point in our lives we were able to handle this and more.  How do we get back to that place? What would it take to walk in that direction?  The direction that goes with the thought, “I can handle this.”

Exercise:  Take a moment to yourself.  Sit and get quiet.  Be still and allow your thoughts to run around, and slow, and just breathe in and out.  Do that again, in and out. Say “busy mind be calm”, breathe in and out.  Now allow yourself to think the thought, “I am able when I ____” and fill in the blank.

Some of my Ninjas-in-training would say, “I am able when…. I get up 5 mins earlier; take my shower first rather than last, or when I take the time to get something to eat.”

We don’t want to be live with the thought, “If only I had”.

When we take the time to be present, be mindful of the thought: “what does it take to handle this?”  Our minds can find their way back to a different thought:  “I got this”.

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