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eNinja Bootcamp – VR

So you want to be an eNinja! Congratulations!

What you will need:

  1. A private journal, bound or spiral, to write each of the assignments
  2. A writing instrument
  3. A pad of sticky notes
  4. Time to read and time to DO the session exercises.
  5. A device to watch an occasional You Tube or listen to an audio podcast
  6. A commitment to be: Open, Willing, Curious and to Imagine.

Open to thinking differently

Willing to be wrong or confused

Curious about looking at what seems awkward, wrong, perhaps painful

Imagine the possibilit that with effort you can change, moving towards A Life You Love!

“Every day is a new day to do something different”.  Atwater

NOTHING will change if you just keep doing what you have always done.

So that all eNinjas can benefit from the collective group wisdom, I will post a public response to clarify session assignments.

DISCLAIMER: This Boot Camp is NOT therapy.  A therapist carefully considers the burden that you carry, to rectify and therapeutically repair.

As your coach, I will encourage flexible thinking and doing, allowing you to develop workable methods to manage past pain and future worries.

I will be happy to reply privately if you contact me directly,, to sign-up for 10-private sessions for a total of $ 200.

You may choose to sit back and observe or participate to your comfort level, receiving feedback for each session’s assignment.


eNinjas learn best by Doing – Thinking about doing is a lot like trying
You either TRY or you DO.                Emotional Ninja’s Do!

To Live A Life You Love, begin by noting what actions or habits you currently preform that are consistent with your life goals and what you say you value.  What habits, both thinking and doing, keep you honest, in both word and action? What habits prevent the realization of your desired outcome?

Why is it so darn hard to make progress, to move forward, to live a life you love?

What exactly are the steps to move from where you are to where you want your life to be?

“If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you always got.” -Jackie “Moms” Mabley

“Every day is a new day to do something different, to move towards what you love.” -Mary Atwater

Many of us have every intention of doing what is in our best interest, but we often find that our mindless habits trap us in negative thoughts and behaviors, such as “I should” and “I doubt”.  These habits often thwart progress and prevent us from achieving what we desire most: living our lives to the best of our ability.

eNinjas manage their thoughts, emotions and movements.  They train diligently to develop mindful, workable habits that support both a Wise Mind and a Kind Heart.

Emotional Ninja Boot Camp – Not for the faint of heart and mind.

If you are ready, willing and committed, sign up for all 10 eNinja coaching sessions.       eNinja Boot Camp – 10 sessions include:

  1. Power of Presence- Start from where you are and determine where you would like to be in 2, 5, 10 years.
  2. What Really Matters? – Think back to when you were a small person; what did you love and feel passionate about? What does a happier you look like?
  3. Establishing A Base – eNinja work requires a strong foundation to support the acquisition of skills and competences to manage thoughts, emotions and movements.
  4. Wise eNinja Habits – An assessment of your current eNinja strengths and weaknesses will help guide your personal eNinja training goals.
  5. Mindful eNinja Moves – Your diet feeds your body and sustains your eNinja movements. Your flexible thinking diet feeds your mind and supports the critical eNinja skill of Emotional Agility.
  6. Art of Defusion – Defusion is “mental floss” that allows you to defragment and declutter your mind, allowing for thoughtful workability.
  7. ACT – Accept, Choose, and Take Action. – ACT’ing flexibly is to be “Here and Now”, accepting the current reality allows you to choose the path towards your desired outcome.
  8. Committed ACTion – eNinjas engage in purposeful ACTion, consistently moving towards what they believe to be in their best interest. eNinjas adapt when the winds of changes shift.
  9. eNinja Grace – eNinjas foster both a “Wise Mind and Kind Heart”.  eNinjas develop the mindful capacity to move reverently, lightly, and with more compassion.
  10. eNinja Resources – True eNinjas never stop learning, practicing, adapting, to move towards their desired outcome – Living A Life They Love.

Please sign up by emailing,, and state your desired level of participation: observe, public or private.

  1. Observe: I choose to sit on the bench and learn vicariously.
  2. Public: I can request clarification of concepts and receive a public response.
  3. Private: I am willing to be fully engaged and would appreciate private written responses. I agree to purchase 10 private written responses to my eNinja assignments for a fee of $200.
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