Fusion vs. Defusing

What happens when you allow your thoughts to run your life? Thoughts can take over your behavior, driving you into the corner of “I cannot accept this,” and “this is not right.”

Fusion                                                Vs.                                           Defusing

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Fusion: separate, detached, distancing

Defusing: willing to consider, open to options, curious
You can get caught, or fused with the thought that something is:

  • The absolute truth
  • A command or rule you have to follow
  • A threat that needs immediate attention
  • The pain of the past, or worry of the future

Getting Off the Hookfish

Defusing is the willingness to have other thoughts, rotate around the globe of thoughts and possibilities:

  • I am having a thought that may, or may not be true
  • I don’t have to obey this thought, it is only a thought
  • I sense an alarm but there is no real smoke
  • My mind produces thoughts, just like it produces neuro-chemicals
  • I can choose what I pay attention to
  • I can watch this thought come and go like waves in the ocean



Rather than asking, “Is this thought true or false”, begin to ask, “is it workable?”

“Does having this thought help me move towards what I say I value, what I love; or away”


Away <===============[What I Value]=================>Towards


Ask yourself, non-judgmentally and compassionately, “Does this thought support my actions towards what I say I value, what I love?” If not, “What thoughts do I need to consider to support my actions to move towards what I value?”



Accept thoughts and feelings, be present;

Choose a valued direction;

Take Action towards what I say I value.



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